Repair Of Hole In Wall Larger Than Six Inches


If it could be called that, the trick is to take your time with the work. By now, you should know what happens when a rush job is attempted. It is advisable that a competent and professional drywall repair westerville oh team attempts the work. You’ll want to avoid the nicking of electrical wiring and/or plumbing during any repair installations attempted. The repair of a hole larger than six inches requires a number of tools.

It begins with a scrap piece of drywall. Included in the toolkit are drywall screws, furring strips, joint tape and joint compound. The square piece of new drywall required will need to be slightly larger than the actual hole. This piece will be placed on top of the area that needs to be fixed. This can be traced with a pencil. The drywall saw is used to cut out any damaged drywall. Furring strips will be placed through the hole.

They will be pulled tight against the backside of the drywall. They will be anchored from the front with drywall screws. The screws need to firmly anchor the furring strips to the back of the drywall. Screw heads should be flush or slightly dimpled. Once the new drywall patch is put in place, it will be secured to the furring strips with the drywall screws. Everything will be held together by bedding in the drywall tape with joint compound along all edges.

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Once everything has been covered with drywall joint compound, the area will be sanded lightly. Thereafter a second coat will be applied. And after the second coat has dried and been sanded, the affected surface will be ready for priming and painting. A third layer of joint compound could be applied for a smoother look.

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